Aysan Tekstil, located at the hearth of İstanbul/Turkey has been a textile design collection company since 1978. We are perparing at least 250 new designs for our collection for each season mostly for polyviscose suiting, jacket abd trouser. These new designs are being produced and presented to our clients by us for our direct marketing activities; within this frame work we are constituting and offering ready and always updated stocks.



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What is an update and why it requires private access?

All of our designs are specially and completely created and designed by our Design and Research Department as a result of our long experience and numerous drafts with the great efforts of our talented designer team. We would like to point out that we are extremely sensitive to being copied in any extent and preserve all copy rights of our designs partly or totally. If we identify partly and or totally replications or our designs by the third parties, we keep our all juristic pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages rights against them. Any violation of our designs is strictly forbidden. Our clients do not have the right to use or produce our customemade designs,created and developed by us without our written confirmation.cIf not , we keep all our commercial rights on our designs.. After your registration in our web site you will be able to make detailed researches in fabric design factory always updated with our latest collections

The General Terms and conditions

The right of the member to use the password obtained from the AYSAN TEKSTİL website belongs exclusively to the member. Member cannot give this password to any third party. All legal and criminal responsibility for the use of the password belongs to the member. You can purchase fabrics in large, medium or small quantities. As a rule, for a ready stock fabric our minimum length of sampling for an order is 10 meters, but we have the right to decrease this amount due to our stock availability. Refunds are not accepted, as the order for sampling without any defects below 50mt are dedicated for you. To increase the power of competition and difference in your marketing activities,we can cooperate with you by offering free of charge digital fabric desingings for your samplings. We value mutual respect of interests, responsible attitude and constructive dialogue because we believe that your success is our successs.


Our stock fabrics are mostly sold by meter bases but some of them are sold by weight. Please note that inside Turkey purchases and deliveries VAT is appliable to all mentioned prices due to Turkish commercial code. The full range of fabrics and their quantities in stock are available on our website but to get meter price of your selection do not hesitate to contact with us . We are always open for a conversation and ready to discuss new ways of cooperation.